【Umeda / Lucua】BEAMS Couture and Ziploc collaborate⁉ “Ziplock” bags and mobile cases will appear.

“BEAMS COUTURE” developed by BEAMS and Ziploc collaborate. It will be sold at BEAMS Japan Umeda and other six stores from January 29, 2020 (Wed), and at the official online shop from February 3 (Mon).

Fashion accessories using Ziploc

Organized by keisuke kanda, a designer who works as an external creative director of BEAMS Couture, this collaboration will provide accessories such as mobile cases and computer cases, as well as apparel in collaboration with fashion brands. A lineup of all 12 types of items.

Small items that actually use Ziploc

Items that actually use the Ziploc bag series. The design is an iconic look that everyone has seen once. Four types of passport cases, mobile cases, etc., with pockets and silhouettes devised to make them easy to use everyday, will be sold.

Tote bag finished with PVC material

Umbrellas, tote bags, and L\laptop cases are made of PVC, which is more durable than normal Ziploc materials and emits no harmful substances when burned. Ziploc’s clear visuals are faithfully represented. The color of the zip is also used as a design accent.

Launch of triple collaboration items with apparel brands

Triple collaboration with fashion brands has also been realized. Manhattan Portage has introduced a shoulder bag that symbolizes the brand. The “Ziploc” that has been treated as a pocket on the front gets a lot of looks.

Ziploc × Manhattan Portage × Beams Couture Shoulder Bag
9,000 yen + Tax

From FRUIT OF THE LOOM, two types of T-shirts and sweatshirts will be provided. At the front and right chest of each item is a playful graphic with the fruit of the room logo fruit stored in a ziploc.

T-Shirt (2 pattern) 5,000 yen + Tax each
Sweat shirt 10,000 yen + tax
Both are unisex


Ziploc × BEAMS couture

【Release Date】January 29, 2020 (Wed)
【Stores】BEAMS Japan, BEAMS Japan Shibuya, BEAMS (Nagoya, Umeda, Hiroshima, Fukuoka), BEAMS Official Online
*The online shop will be released on February 3 (Mon).
【Stores in Osaka】BEAMS Umeda
【Location】Lucua Osak, 3rd floor
【Address】3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-city
【Hour】10:00 – 21:00