【Umeda / Lucua】”Freshly baked custard red berry pie” is released from RINGO, a custard apple pie specialty store, for 4 days only!


Limited-time menu “freshly baked custard redberry pie” will be sold at he specialty store “RINGO”, which specializes in freshly baked custard apple pie from March 20, 2020 (Friday) for 4 days only.

Freshly baked custard redberry pie

“Freshly baked custard red berry pie” is a custard pie using three types of berries. Appeared only for 4 days as the first attempt to use “apple” as an ingredient, based on the resonating “freshly baked custard berry pie”, added a further arrangement, and reappeared with a spring-like gorgeous appearance.

Ingredients are blended with three types of berries: strawberry, raspberry, and red currant. Even after the pie has been baked, it is designed so that you can fully enjoy the sweet and sourness and pulp of the berries. In addition, plenty of custard cream from Hokkaido wraps the sourness of berries and is tailored for a gentle taste.

Crispy pie dough consisting of 144 layers is baked with a bitter cocoa kneading in consideration of compatibility with berries. Strawberry pieces and powdered sugar topped on the surface create a gorgeous spring appearance.


Freshly baked custard redberry pie

【Sales Period】March 20 (Fri) – 23 (Mon), 2020
【Price】486 yen / piece
*Because the quantity is limited each day, it ends as soon as it is gone.
【Store】RINGO nationwide
【Store in Osaka】Lucua Osaka (B1F)
【Address】3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka