【Umeda / Lucua Osaka】21 select new stores to watch in Lucua Osaka!

“LUCUA” and “LUCUA 1100” in Umeda, the center of Osaka. 21 new stores will open on Friday, February 28, 2020!

We have already introduced some of them, but this time we are introducing 21 new stores. Various genres such as fashion, gourmet, beauty, etc. appear, such as the first store in West Japan, and it will be perfect for souvenirs!

Lucua Food Hall

(1) The Mathcha Tokyo

“The Matcha Tokyo” is a matcha specialty store where you can taste matcha drinks and sweets.


The popular store “CHA NUNG” with the “C” mark also stands out! Enjoy a variety of tapioca flavors.

(3) Kushiyaki Manten

Kushiyaki Manten, a popular skewered restaurant in Pontocho, Kyoto, opens its first store in Osaka! (* Scheduled to open in March)

(4) Tonarino Jack and Matilda

The popular standing izakaya “Tonarino (My Neighborhood) Jack and Matilda” in Fukushima, Osaka, will also open a store in Lucua. (* Scheduled to open in spring)

Lucua 1100

(1) Botanist

“Botanist” is very popular for hair care items. This is West Japan’s first store!

(2) Iemon Cafe

Sister store “Iemon Cafe” of “Iemon Salon” where you can taste tea in various forms. This is also the first store in Kansai. (* Scheduled to open in April)

(3) A.P.C.

Popular fashion brand “A.P.C.” from Paris also appeared at LUCUA 1100.


(1) comma TOGO

A little comma in your day. It is a takeout specialty store that offers Asian tea and tapioca tea with carefully selected tea leaves. You can enjoy the latest tea style.

(2) Ladurée

Patisserie Maison “Ladurée” also appeared! Macaroons that look cute are perfect for gifts! Also, Osaka-only products seem to be good souvenirs.

(3) Jibun de Esthe

“Jibun de Esthe” is a new-style esthetic that allows you to go to the gym with a flat-rate service. There is also a VISITOR fee, so you may want to try Japanese esthetics at a low price! (* Scheduled to open in spring)

(4) Lindt Chocolat Cafe

Founded in 1845, the Swiss premium chocolate brand Lint “Lindt”, which has been operating in more than 120 countries around the world, offers chocolates produced in pursuit of the ultimate in flavor and wonderful sweets throughout the season.
(* Scheduled to open in spring)


Fashion brand “CLANE” opens its first store in Kansai!

(6) City Shop

The concept store “City Shop” is also the first store in Kansai. (* Open on March 13 (Fri))

(7) mimi33

Accessory brand “mimi33”, which makes your ears gorgeous, is also the first store in Kansai.

(8) Paul & Joe

Popular cosmetics “Paul & Joe”.

(9) Paul Stuart Advance

The mode casual brand “Paul Stuart Advance” is opening for the first time in Japan!


“Angie by Wego Vintage” lined with used clothes according to the times.

(11) Maison de FLEUR Petite Robe

The apparel brand “Maison de FLEUR Petite Robe” of the miscellaneous goods brand “Maison de FLEUR”.

(12) Heather

“Heather,” a fashion brand for “positive girls”.

(13) innisfree

innisfree is a petit plastic cosmetic brand from Korea that aims to deliver the natural blessings and healthy beauty of Jeju Island.

(14) Nomonakis

Nomonakis is a dry flower-centered shop that proposes a lifestyle surrounded by “likes” every day. This is the first store nationwide.


Lucua Osaka

【Address】3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Nearest station】JR “Osaka Station” / Hanshin / Hankyu “Osaka Umeda Station” / Osaka Metro Midosuji Line “Umeda Station”