【UMEDA / Lucua OSAKA】A new menu is on the market where you can “compare three types of milk ice cream”.


At “HANDEL’S CAFE” (Lukua Osaka store), where monthly unlimited all-you-can-drink service is popular, a new menu has been launched from May 17 (Fri), where you can perform “a comparison of three types of milk ice cream”.

Milk ice cream using three types of milk.

HANDEL’S CAFE’s milk ice cream is an item that you can enjoy the difference in taste depending on the milk used, even with the same milk ice cream.

Milk ice cream that is the basis of ice cream. The difference between the materials used is the most direct, not only the simplest ice cream. HANDEL’S CAFE places a spot on milk ice cream which can be said to be the origin of ice cream, and in order to realize the fun of “the same milk ice cream, the taste is so different with milk used!” They made milk ice cream using three types of milk from different production areas.

Three milk ice cream using Hokkaido milk, Nagano milk, and Daisen milk.

Three types of milk are “Hokkaido”, “Nagano” and “Daisen”, which are selected from among the many types of milk. Because each has a rich richness and flavor, it is good to eat and compare three types, or to enjoy one taste carefully. You can enjoy it in various ways.

Carefully selected milk from happy cows.
Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream.

Takanashi’s specialty milk uses only raw milk with a milk fat content of 4.0% or more in Hamanaka-cho, near Hokkaido, with the help of producers. Hamanaka-cho has a cool climate, with only a few days exceeding 25 ° C in summer. Adjacent to the sea, minerals from the sea pour into the vast pasture of the beach with mist. For cows who are not good at hot weather, the seaside ranch is a paradise.

The rare taste of golden milk.
Nagano Milk Ice Cream.

The Nobeyama Plateau at Yatsugatake Higashiyama Pass, Nagano Prefecture, at an altitude of 1000 to 1400 meters, is one of Japan’s leading highland vegetable producing areas that produce its cool air and rich soil, and it is suitable for not only vegetables but also cows for health environment. There are rare jersey cows in Nobeyama that are bred in various environments. Jersey cows are only 1% of dairy cows raised in Japan. It’s rich flavor, rich in color, nutritious and really rare milk ice cream which is called “golden milk” .

Making delicious milk comes from making soil.
Daisen Milk Ice Cream.

Good soil grows on good soil, and healthy cows that have eaten plenty of good grass produce rich, delicious milk. The deliciousness of the Shiro-bara milk (white rose milk) of Daisen Milk Industry is the result of the efforts of Daisen Dairy Farmers who have been pushing this natural thing for decades. Healthy cows grown in a stress-free environment produce sweet and savory, delicious raw milk. Boasting of top class milk quality in the whole country, Shirobara milk (white rose milk) is a milk ice cream that used what came to us from Tottori with outstanding freshness.

There is also a change in taste with the free topping.

Because it is a simple milk ice cream, you can enjoy the arranged taste infinitely by adding the topping. Enjoy a variety of taste changes with several types of toppings, such as nuts and crunch, prepared for free.


Compare three types of milk ice cream

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