【Umeda / Lucua1100】ASMR’s hottest “gummitzel” is now available in limited quantities for summer!

Hitotsubu Kanro, a retail store of Kanro, known for its “Kanro Candy” and “pure gummies”, has been selling a limited edition summer product, “Gumitzel Petit’s Summer Vacation”, since June 27 (Sat).

Little “gummitzels” in three flavors

Hitotsubu Kanro was opened in 2012, the year Kanro celebrated its 100th anniversary. The company has opened stores at GRANSTA in Tokyo and LUCUA1100 in Osaka, as well as an official online shop for a limited time.

Hitotsubu Kanro’s most popular product is the gumitzel, a product that took five years to develop. They are the next generation of gummies, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. It ranks high on every popular souvenir list at Tokyo Station, and its crispy chewing sound has recently become a hot topic in ASMR videos.

Summer Limited Edition

The limited-edition summer product, Gumitzel Petit Summer Vacation, is a limited-edition version of the Gumitzel Petit, which is a smaller, smaller version of the Gumitzel. A fun packaging design featuring Mr. Gumitzel playing in the ocean, mango, grape and soda. It is an assortment of three colourful types. The price is 900 yen (including tax).

Available at online store.

They only have one store in Tokyo and one in Osaka, but they also have an online shop. On the official online shop, the Summer Gumitzel Set 4,000 yen (tax included, shipping required) is now on sale. This is a set of gumitzel petite summer vacation, 6 and 12 pieces of gumitzel, and a ring clover set of greeting gumitzel. This summer-only assortment comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.


“Summer Vacation of Gumitzel Petit”

【Release Date】Jun. 27, 2020 (Limited quantities)
【Price】900 yen (includes tax)
【Store】Hitotsubu Kanro GRANSTA Store (Tokyo), LUCUA 1100 Store (Osaka)
【Store in Osaka】Lucua 1100, 2nd floor
【Address】3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Hour】10:00 – 21:00 (Mon-Sun)