【Umeda / Namba】Disney “Donald Duck & Daisy Duck” “cookie” necklaces will be released from Q-pot.

From the Disney line “Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.” Presented by Q-pot., Necklace & bag charms with a motif of Donald Duck & Daisy Duck will be released on Saturday, June 8, 2019.

Donald Duck Daisy Duck / Sugar Cookie Necklace 11,000 yen each + tax

Celebrate Donald Duck’s Birthday!

Necklace & bag charm released to celebrate June 9 which is Donald Duck’s birthday. It will be the first time Q-pot. Has launched an accessory with the Donald Duck & Daisy Duck motif.

Donald Duck Daisy Duck / Sugar Cookie Bag Charm for each ¥ 9,000 + tax

Reproduce a realistic cookie

Donald Duck & Daisy Duck turn into maple-flavored sugar cookies. The character’s face is expressed by slick icing. Cookies are reproduced realistically to the air bubbles on the back side, and they are finished like real sweets.


Donald Duck Daisy Duck / Sugar Cookie Necklace & Bag Charm

【Release Date】June 8, 2019
【Stores】Osaka Takashimaya Store / Lucua Osaka / Online Store

【OSAKA Takashimaya Store】
Osaka Takashimaya 1st floor, 5-1-5 Namba, Chuo-ward, Osaka

【Lucua Osaka】
Lucua 1st floor, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ward, Osaka