【Umeda / Namba】”Q-pot. × Sailor Moon” accessories will be released from June 30.

The 5th collaboration accessory of Q-pot. And “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” will appear on June 30, 2019, and sales will begin.

Collaboration collection of “Q-pot. X Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” to be released to the birthday of the protagonist, Tsukino Usagi. In the fifth edition, accessories from the first stage of “Sailor Moon” are transformed into “Macaron” etc., which is the beginning of the story.


Makeover brooch macaroon

Makeover brooch macaroon (from the Animation) necklace 15,000 yen + tax

A “makeover brooch macaroon (from the Animation)”, which looks like a makeover brooch for a macaroon, appears as a necklace and a key ring. It has a gorgeous finish with yellow macaroons, large Swarovski and gold plates.

Sailor ribbon macaroon

Sailor ribbon macaroon necklace for each
9,500 yen + tax

“Sailor Ribbon Macaroon” is a necklace and a back charm that expresses the sailor warrior costume with Petit Macaroon. The macaroon cock uses the collar and back ribbon of the sailor, and the jelly candy “part de fruy” decorated on it has adopted the coloring which imaged the ribbon of the chest.

Luna macaroon / Artemis macaroon

Luna macaroon /
Artemis macaroon necklace
10,000 yen each + tax

Luna & Artemis is a supportive sailor warrior who turns into a plump “Luna Macaron / Artemis Macaron” necklace and bag charm.

Luna macaroon bag charm

Luna macaroon bag charm 8,000 yen + tax

For creams sanded with macaroon cocks, Luna is decorating Sailor Moon and Artemis is decorating Swarovski, an image of Venus.

Sailor Petit Jewel Candy

Sailor Petit Jewel Candy Necklace 12,000 yen each + tax

Candy motif necklace & earrings “Sailor Petit Jewel Candy”, which is an image of sailor warrior ribbons, is a small size and perfect for casual wear. The back of the candy is engraved with five warrior’s guardian stars.

Melty Moon Castle Pendant

Melty Moon Castle Pendant 30,000 yen + tax

The motif of “Melty Moon Castle Pendant” is based on the Moon Castle that soars in the Silver Millennium. On the other side, put the words “You’re just my love” representing the love of Endimion and Serenity.

Princess moon cupcake

Princess Moon Cupcake Necklace 10,000 yen + tax

The necklace and bag charm of “Prince Moon Cupcake” resembles the dress that the moon princess wears, with fluffy cream of the cupcake.

Serenity Hair Ring

Serenity Hair Ring
12,000 yen + Tax

Expressing glowing serenity hair illuminated by moon light

Goods such as umbrellas and mugs

Not only accessories but also goods in collaboration with “Sailor Moon” are available. There will be a cake-patterned folding umbrella decorated with whipped cream and strawberries, a round hand towel with a silhouette of Sailor Moon, a mug with a Luna & Artemis macaroon and a guardian star mark.


“Q-pot. × Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” 5th

【Release Date】June 30, 2019
【Stores】Osaka Takashimaya Store / Lucua Osaka / Online Store

【OSAKA Takashimaya Store】
Osaka Takashimaya 1st floor, 5-1-5 Namba, Chuo-ward, Osaka

【Lucua Osaka】
Lucua 1st floor, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ward, Osaka