【Umeda, Namba, Tennoji, Toyonaka, Hirakata】 The Afternoon Tea Tea Room is now offering spring limited edition sweets and teas.


The Afternoon Tea Tea Room will be offering a limited edition spring sweets and teas from February 25 (Thu) to April 21 (Wed), 2021.

Matcha and Strawberry Parfait” and other spring-only sweets

The Afternoon Tea Tea Room offers gorgeous spring sweets and teas under the theme of “Color My Day”. The “Matcha and Strawberry Parfait” is a Japanese style parfait with layers of matcha and mascarpone whip, strawberry gelato, matcha ice cream, white rice balls, and strawberry mochi. Crunchy black sesame and almond baked sweets add to the texture.

Matcha and strawberry parfait with black tea 1,595 yen (tax included)

【PR】 Japanese Cup & Saucer Beauty and the Beast Tea Set

The “Waffle with Fruits and Strawberry Gelato,” available in limited quantities, is an American waffle baked crispy with butter and beautifully arranged with fresh fruits such as ruby grapefruit, oranges and strawberries. It is also topped with refreshing yogurt cream, strawberry gelato, and honey maple syrup.

Fruit and strawberry gelato waffle with tea: 1,540 yen (tax included) .

The “Pistachio and Berry Mimosa Shortcake” combines the richness of nutty pistachio cream with sweet and sour raspberry cream. The yellow sponge cake is sprinkled with the image of mimosa flowers blooming in spring.

Mimosa Shortcake with Pistachios and Berries 836 yen (tax included)

Afternoon tea set with seasonal sweets

The parfait with matcha green tea and strawberry jelly and the mimosa shortcake with pistachio and berries are also available as part of the Afternoon Tea Set, which changes the selection of sweets depending on the season. The set includes three half-size sweets of your choice and a cup of tea of your choice.

Afternoon Tea Set 1,694 yen (tax included) * Limited menu from 14:00 * Available all year round. The choice of sweets changes depending on the season.

Afternoon Tea Love and Table Limited Edition Sweets (Umeda /Lucua Osaka)

A special treat that can only be ordered at Afternoon Tea Love and Table Luqua Osaka, “Mochi Mochi Thick Baked Mille Crepes with Dekopon and Strawberries” is also available. You can enjoy the sticky crepe made with a combination of rye and tapioca flour, along with Dekopon from Kumamoto Prefecture and cream.

Decopon and strawberry mille crepe with a drink: 1,518 yen (tax included) *Available only at Afternoon Tea Love and Table Luxor Osaka

Limited edition drinks such as Peach Earl Grey Tea Soda are also available.

Be sure to check out the drinks to enjoy with the sweets. There is also the “Peach Earl Grey Tea Soda,” a combination of peach Earl Grey iced tea, peach jelly, and white peaches, and the “Fresh Orange and Passion Fruit Iced Tea,” a jasmine tea with passion fruit sauce and plenty of homemade orange juice. These are just a few of the refreshing tea drinks available.

From left) Peach Earl Grey tea soda 902 yen (tax included)
Fresh orange and passion fruit iced tea 902 yen (tax included)


Afternoon Tea Tea Room “Spring Sweets & Tea

【Sales Period】 Feb 25 (Thu) – Apr 21 (Wed), 2021
【Store】 Afternoon Tea Tea Room *Except for some stores
【Store in Osaka】 Whity Umeda, Grand Front Osaka Store, Hankyu Umeda Store, Keihan Mall Store, Takashimaya Osaka Store, Tennoji Mio Store, Senri Hankyu, Kuzuha Mall Store

Feature item of the day♪

Matcha Tea Ceremony 6 Pieces Set

3,980 yen