【UMEDA / Online】Your beloved cat will be your home’s principal image!? Halo cat scratcher will be released.

When a cat relaxes with its claws, it looks like a Buddha, and the cardboard cats are stacked with cardboard hints of the lightness of the Buddha statue.

7,550 yen + Tax

Detail of cat scratcher

Halo cat scratcher is a full-fledged finish. The base of the lotus base has a moderate curve that makes it easy to scratch the nail, and it has a comfortable shape to lie on. On the back of the boat-shaped halo, which imitates a lotus petal, a female Buddha statue painter Hiromi Tanaka draws a transformed Buddha cat and the fruits and branches are also expressed in an arabesque style.

Transformed Buddha cat wears a cloth called “Funzoue” (uniform of Buddha) and has a peaceful expression. In addition, in the boat-shaped light back, there is also a circular light back called head light and body light. This is also a cat-specific design with flowers and paws.

Use the back part and lotus stand part together with the attached double-sided tape.

The corrugated cardboard lotus with a gentle curve is perfect for both nail and napping.

The light back part is tall and thick, so you can stand up and pick up your pawls and use it in your favorite style. A non-slip sticker attached to the back side is also included, so there is a sense of stability during use.

Products that you can enjoy your cat relaxing freely.

Crepe omlet shaped cat bed that the sandwiched figure is irresistible and cute!

Happiness to be sandwiched! Cat crape omelette / 6,900 yen + Tax

Roll cake type cat tunnel with plenty of fruit wrapped in a soft sponge.

Rolled Cake Tunnel / 6,900 yen + Tax


Basically, these can only be purchased at online stores, but the only one in the country is a real store in Osaka, where you can purchase them!

felissimo Neko-bu (Cat club)

【Hour】10:00 – 22:00
【Location】Eki-Marche OSAKA in Osaka Station City
【Address】3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
【URL】 https://www.nekobu.com/http://www.ekimaru.com/shop/felissimo/