【Umeda / Osaka New Hankyu Hotel】New desserts from June to August will be released.


The new summer desserts will be sold at Osaka Shin Hankyu Hotel from Saturday, June 1, 2019. A dessert with a sparkling jelly that is perfect for summer, where you can enjoy jelly and mousse containing colorful fruits. Other products that use mango abundantly will also be released.

A rewarding dessert series
-Kirameki of fruit-

■ Sales period: June 1 (Sat)-August 31 (Sat), 2019
From the reward dessert series, sweets like sparkling gems appear.


850 yen (Tax-included)

Yogurt mousse is covered with mango jam and cream of mascarpone cheese. Mango flesh is topped in the finish.


850 yen (Tax-included)

On top of the strawberry yogurt mousse, a jellied fruit encased in layers. Some fruits such as strawberries and grapes are topped on it.

Summer recommended cake
~ mango, summer ~

■ Sales period: June 1 (Sat)-August 31 (Sat), 2019
After all mango in summer! Sweets using mango appear this year.

Mango crepe short cake

680 yen (Tax-included)

Wrap mango’s short cake with crepe dough and top it with mango pulp.

Mango pudding

680 yen (Tax-included)

Yogurt mousse, mango flesh and whipped cream are topped on mango pudding.

Recommended desserts & drinks for summer

■ Sales period: June 1 (Sat)-August 31 (Sat), 2019
Mango & Pineapple Chiffon Cake and Smoothie Filled with plenty of fruit flesh.

Tropical chiffon cake

1,300 yen (Tax-included)

Summer-limited chiffon cake which served with summer-like mango and pineapple.
You can choose from three types of ice (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry).

【Drink Set】
You can add “Coffee or Tea” for 400 yen plus.

“2 recommended summer drinks”

1,000 yen (Tax-included) / each

A summer limited smoothie with summery mango and pineapple flesh.
Left) “Mango smoothie”
Right) “Pine smoothie”


Summer limited dessert menu

【Sales Period】Jun.1 – Aug. 31
【Location】Lounge “Brian” / Lobby Lounge “Center”
【Address】1-1-35 Shibata, Kita-ward, OSAKA
【Hour】10:00 – 23:00 / Lounge “Brian,
9:00 – 21:00 / Lobby Lounge “Center”