【Umeda / Shinsaibashi】 Enjoy the arrival of spring with Shake Shack’s “Sakura Lemonade” and “Sakura Shake”!


Shake Shack, a hamburger restaurant from New York, will be selling cherry blossom flavored lemonade and shakes for a limited time only from February 10 (Wed) to April 15 (Thu) in Japan.

First time in Japan! Original Lemonade in Cherry Blossom Flavor

The “Shack-ura Lemonade” (520 yen (tax not included)) is a cherry blossom flavored original lemonade filled with Shake Shack’s specialties. The sweet and sour taste of cherry puree and the gentle aroma of cherry sauce are combined to create a refreshing lemonade with a lovely color.

【PR】 Cherry Blossom Glass Set

Two of the most popular shakes of the year are also available!

The shakes come in two varieties, the Sakura Shake/Shack-ura Shake and Cherry & Shack-ura Shake, which are popular among Shake Shack fans every year.

Available from February 10 (Wed.) to March 17 (Wed.), the “Sakura Shake” Small/540 yen (tax not included) and Regular/710 yen (tax not included) is a fresh vanilla frozen custard base, mixed with milk and cherry blossom sauce upon order. The creamy vanilla has a slight salty taste like cherry blossom rice cake, and you can also enjoy the gentle aroma of cherry blossoms.

The Cherry & Sakura Shake, available from March 18 (Thu) to April 15 (Thu), is a fresh vanilla frozen custard base mixed with milk, cherry sauce, and cherry puree upon order. The juicy sweet and sour flavor of the cherry puree is added to the creamy vanilla, accented with the soft scent of cherry blossoms.

The S size shake is available in a cherry blossom motif design cup that makes you want to take a picture of it, which will add to the excitement of spring and new life.


Sakura Lemonade and Sakura Shake

【Sales Period】 Feb 10 (Wed) – Apr 15 (Thu), 2021
【Store】 Shake Shack nationwide
【Store in Japan】 Umeda Hanshin Store, Shinsaibashi Daimaru Store