【Umeda / Shinsaibashi】Stella McCartney’s popular bag “Falabella” comes with a fur-like Japanese-only “fluffy” design.

STELLA McCARTNEY’s popular bag “Falabella” has a Japanese-only design.

Fluffy Design

Featuring diamond-cut chain edges and straps, “Falabella” is one of Stella McCartney’s leading bags. The Japan-only design that comes out of the “Falabella” is a fur-free fur material with long hair. Stella McCartney has become an item that goes well with the aim of sustainability.

The color is black and gray. There are no other items that use fur-like materials in addition to these two items this season.

Store Location

There are Shinsaibashi Daimaru and Hankyu Umeda Department Store.