【Umeda / Tennoji】 Lindt has just released a limited-time “Sakura Blooming Chocolate Drink”!


Lindt, a chocolate brand from Switzerland, has introduced a limited-time “Sakura Blooming Chocolate Drink,” which will be available at Lindt stores from February 16 (Tue) to April 27 (Tue), 2021.

White chocolate and cherry drink inspired by “Sakura”.

Lindt’s “Sakura Saku Chocolate Drink” is a limited time drink with the visual and taste of cherry petals falling down. Lindt’s white chocolate is blended with two kinds of cherries to create a sour and sweet “sakura” flavor.

The drink is lavishly topped with whipped cream with salty sakura leaves, sakura sauce made from domestic sakura flowers in syrup, sakura petal-shaped chocolate, and sakura crunch.

Lindt Sakura blooming chocolate drink (iced/hot) 780 yen
Sales period: February 16 (Tue) – April 27 (Tue)

Limited edition chocolates for Easter and White Day are also on sale!

In addition to the limited time drinks, Lindt also releases gifts perfect for Easter and White Day.

The “Lindor Classic Gift Box” comes in a limited edition package with a pink sleeve that represents cherry blossoms in full bloom and a sky blue box that contrasts beautifully. The box contains Lindor, Lindt’s most popular chocolate, and miniature Lindt Gold Bunnies, the symbol of Easter.

Lindt Lindor Classic Gift Box 20 pieces, 2,500 yen
Sales period: February 16 (Tuesday) – March 15 (Monday)

The “Metric Chocolatier Collection” is a gift set containing white strawberry heart chocolates in a special White Day flavor. You can also enjoy chocolates with rich aromatic liquors such as dark cocoa with brandy and green tea with vodka.

Lindt Maitre Chocolatier Collection 4 pieces assortment 2,160 yen
Sales period: February 16 (Tue) – March 15 (Mon)

Other products include individual Lindt Gold Bunny Milk products and the Easter Mini Sharing Box, which includes mini-sized Lindt Gold Bunny Milk products and carrot-shaped chocolates.

Lindt Easter Mini Sharing Box: 23 pieces, 2,700 yen
Sales period: February 16 (Tue) – April 18 (Sun)


Lindt Spring 2021 Limited Edition

・Lindt Sakura Saku Chocolate Drink (iced/hot) 780 yen
【Sales Period】 Feb 16 (Tue) – Apr 27 (Tue), 2021
【Store】 Lindt Cafe nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Lucua Osaka, Tennoji Mio

・Products other than Beverage
【Sales Period】 Feb 16 (Tue) – Mar 15 (Mon) or Apr 18 (Sun)
【Store】 Lindt Chocolat Boutique nationwide and Online Store