【Umeda / Tennoji】”All-you-can-eat strawberry” is being held at Sweets Paradise!


“All-you-can-eat Japanese brand strawberry” is held at all Sweets Paradise stores for limited time.

All-you-can-eat seasonal fruit event

“Fruit Paradise” is an all-you-can-eat seasonal fruit event held by Sweets Paradise every season. One of the most popular is the all-you-can-eat “strawberry”.

This time, Japanese brands such as “Amaou”, “Tochiotome”, “Sagahonoka”, “Red Hop” and “Yubeni” will be available. Different varieties are lined up at each store, and you can enjoy seasonal strawberries until you are in for 100 minutes.

In addition to strawberries, all-you-can-eat Daifuku, sherbet, and flavored water using strawberries. If you add a fee, you will also get a strawberry parfait with luxurious sweet and sour domestic strawberries.


All-you-can-eat domestic brand strawberry

【Price】Adult 2,220 yen (tax included), Child 1,770 yen (tax included)
【Period】February 1, 2020 (Sat)-Mid May 2020
【Location】Sweets Paradise / Umeda Store, Tennoji Store, Expo city store