【Umeda & Tennoji】Detective Conan cafe limited open until June 2.


“Detective Conan Cafe 2019” began on March 26 at Abeno’s contact (Abeno Q’s Mall 4F) and on March 28 at the cafe “Bar Del Sole” in “Space of Time” in Osaka Station.

What’s Detective Conan Cafe?

It will open for a limited time in major cities across the country to commemorate the film release. This year, it opened in Umeda and Tennoji to commemoration of “Detective Conan, Dark Blue Fist” which will be released on April 12.

Lot’s of fun menu!

The menu includes 5 kinds of food, 6 kinds of desserts, 5 kinds of drinks and 4 kinds of to-go drinks.

Phantom thief, KID’s illusion pasta / 1,590 yen
Black guy’s APTX 4869 Curry with Sherry vinegar dressing salad/ 1,590 yen
Toru Amuro special! Cafe Poaro’s ham sandwich / 1,390 yen
Toru Amuro special! Meatballs and cabbage simmered in milk tomatoes / 1,590 yen
Phantom thief, KID’s illusion parfait / 1,390 yen
Phantom thief, KID and Makoto Kyogoku’s tiled parfait / 1,290 yen
Phantom thief kid’s jewel lemonade / 1,290 yen
Edogawa Conan’s bow tie type voice changer cream soda
Phantom Thief Kid’s Bottle Drink / 1,690 yen

Cafe limited original goods

Casino chip-style key chain / 500 yen each
Medal / 500 yen
3 Blocks Memo / 600 yen
Drawstring Bag / 750 yen each
Die-cut cushion / 2,500 yen each
Hand Towel / 600 yen each

Cafe Information

【Abeno (Tennoji)】
Location / Abeno Contact (Abeno Q’s mall 4F)
Period / March 26 to June 2
Hour / 11:00 – 21:20
Reservation / https://conan-cafe.jp/abeno_information/

Location / Cafe “bar del sole”
(Osaka Station City 5th floor space-time square)
Period / March 28 to June 2
Hour / 9:00 – 22:00
Reservation / https://conan-cafe.jp/umeda_information/