【Umeda, Tennoji, Expo City】 Halloween Limited Edition” sweets are now available at Sweets Paradise for a limited time!


All Sweets Paradise stores are now offering “Sweepara Halloween! will take place from Thursday, September 24, 2020 through Sunday, November 1, 2020.

“Suipara (Sweets Paradise), Halloween! In addition to the standard all-you-can-eat menu, Halloween-themed sweets and food will be available. The restaurant has been changed to Halloween specifications, so you can see, eat, and feel the Halloween spirit.

Grape jelly made by Dracula.

Halloween Limited Sweets Menu

The Halloween Pumpkin Goblin Roll Cake, made with pumpkin, is made with homemade custard and savory roasted walnuts in a whipped cream-filled roll. Along with the cute appearance of the ghosts, you can enjoy the taste of autumn.

Halloween Pumpkin Goblin Roll Cake

The pyramid-shaped Gateau au Santorois, which rises in the dark night, is made with cashew nuts, praline cream, classic chocolates and pears. It’s a great way to feel a variety of textures at once.

Gateau au Santorois rises in the dark night

There will also be a lineup of Halloween-style sweets such as the “Blood Dripping Zombie Cupcake”, a cupcake decorated with a “blood dripping zombie” expression, and the “Grape Jelly Made by Dracula”, a burgundy-colored cake made with seasonal grapes.

Blood Dripping Zombie Cupcakes

Special Menu “Sweets Monster”

In addition, a special “Sweets Monster” menu, exclusive to the “Shine Muscat and Giant Grape All You Can Eat” section of the fruit paradise, includes a monster-inspired purple sweet potato Mont Blanc, a cake with caramel mousse and apple harmony, and a rich pumpkin brulee.

Despite its “creepy” appearance, the creepy-eyed jelly has a refreshing yogurt flavor that is perfect for a palate cleanser.

Don’t miss this opportunity to try our exclusive pop-up and cute Halloween menu, filled with autumnal flavors and made exclusively for Sweets Paradise.


Sweets Paradise Halloween

【Period】 Sep 24 (Thu) – Nov 1 (Sun), 2020
【Price】 All buffet courses from 1,100 yen for adults and 870 yen for children
【Store】 Nationwide Sweets Paradise
【Store in Osaka】 Umeda Store, Tennoji Mio Store, Expo City Store