【Umeda, Tennoji, Expocity】All-you-can-eat seasonal peach for 1980 yen!


“All-you-can-eat peaches” (adult: 1,980 yen including tax / limit time 100 minutes) will be held at all Sweets Paradise stores from July 5 (Fri) to July 30 (Tue).

Original menu for all-you-can-eat peach.

Momo (Peach) Daifuku

It is Daifuku where the peach cream and skin of glutinous rice matched.

Suipara mochi

A perfect dish for summer that white peach is put in the popular “Suipara mochi”.

Peach balloons sorbet

White peach sherbet mixed with white peach juice. No extra flavor is used, and you can enjoy the taste of white peach as it is.

Japanese plum flavored water

It is a refreshing drink with the flavor of Japanese plum.

Yellow curry with peach

Fruit curry 4th which continue to strawberry, mango, cherries. It is a curry that you can try only during this period.


All-you-can-eat seasonal peach by Sweets Paradise

【Period】July 5 – July 30
【Price】Adults: 1,980 yen including tax / 100 minutes
Child: 1,580 yen including tax / 100 minutes
【Location】Umeda store, Tennoji Store, Expocity Store