【Umeda / The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka】 Original chocolates for Valentine’s Day are now on sale.

The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka has introduced original chocolates for Valentine’s Day 2021, which will be available at The Ritz-Carlton Gourmet Shop on the 1st floor from January 18 (Mon.) to February 14 (Sun.), 2021.

Break it with a stick and a heart chocolate appears! Spherical white chocolate

The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka’s Valentine’s Day chocolates for 2021 include the “Chocolate Flower Ball Heart Stick”. It is a set of white chocolate spheres with delicate flower patterns and a bright red heart-shaped chocolate stick.

When you hit it with the heart-shaped chocolate stick and break the spherical white chocolate, many heart-shaped chocolates will appear inside. The surprise appearance and mechanism is sure to make your special day even more exciting.

Chocolate flower ball heart walking stick (diameter 15cm, limited to 30 pieces) 20,000 yen + tax

Book box chocolate in a “book”-shaped case.

The “Book Box Chocolate” is a unique book-shaped case filled with chocolate. The chocolate lineup includes dried raspberries, a bright red tablet chocolate topped with gold leaf and rose chocolate, and two types of chocolate ganache.

There are two types of chocolate ganache: milk chocolate ganache with the flavor of orange liqueur “Grand Marnier” and dark chocolate ganache using Brazilian cacao with the refreshing acidity of passion fruit. The design is based on the motif of a quill pen and sealing wax.

Book Box Chocolate 4,500 yen + tax

Heart-shaped chocolates packed in a jewelry box

The “Marble Heart Red and Gold Chocolate” and “Marble Heart Black and Silver Chocolate” are a set of heart-shaped marble chocolates and gold and silver chocolates inside a jewelry box.

The red marble chocolate is filled with blackcurrant confiture and ganache, and the black marble chocolate is filled with orange and apricot confiture and cinnamon tea ganache. The black marble chocolate has orange and apricot confiture and cinnamon tea ganache.

Marble Heart Red & Gold Chocolate / Marble Heart Black & Silver Chocolate 3,200 yen each + tax

There’s also a standard chocolate box where you can combine your favorite bonbon chocolates.

Also available is The Ritz-Carlton’s classic Valentine’s Day chocolate gift box. You can create your own box by combining your favorite from the 24 types of bonbon chocolates sold at The Ritz-Carlton Gourmet Shop throughout the year.

Chocolate gift boxes: 950 yen + tax for 2 pieces, 1,650 yen + tax for 4 pieces, 2,300 yen + tax for 6 pieces, 4,500 yen + tax for 12 pieces


The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka Valentine’s Day 2021

【Reservation Period】 Jan 8 (Mon) – Feb 7 (Sun), 2021
【Sales Period】 Jan 18 (Mon) – Feb 14 (Sun), 2021
【Hour】 Weekday 10:00 – 20:00 / Sat, Sun, Holiday 9:00 – 20:00
【Place】 The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, 1st floor, The Ritz-Carlton Gourmet Shop
【Address】 5-25, Umeda 2-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka City