【Umeda / The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka】Two restaurants earn one star in the Michelin Guide Kyoto / Osaka 2020.

Two restaurants in The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka will be listed as one star each in “Michelin Guide Kyoto / Osaka 2020” released on Saturday, October 12. “Tempura HANAGATAMI” will be listed for the first time since the opening of the restaurant, and French cuisine “La Baie” will be posted for the 9th consecutive year. The Ritz-Carlton Osaka is the only hotel with two Michelin Star restaurants in the Kyoto / Osaka area.


“Tempura HANAGATAMI”, which was first listed as one Michelin star this time, is a space like a retreat with a dedicated 10-seat counter set up in “HANAGATAMI”, a Japanese restaurant that was completely renovated in 2016. The chef cooks seasonal ingredients in front of the customer’s eyes and finishes them with exquisite tempura by wearing thin clothes with 100% deep-fried safflower oil. Tempura can be eaten with the chef’s recommended salt selected from over 60 types of salt in addition to tempura dipping soup.

French cuisine “La Baie”

French cuisine “La Baie” will be published for the third time in a row for the third consecutive year. Based on traditional French cuisine by Christophe Ghibert, chef of “La Baie” for 13 years since 2006, bringing out the deliciousness of the ingredients to the fullest and delicate. You can enjoy dishes like art served. The chef’s local ingredients, which are carefully selected from France, and a menu that incorporates seasonal Japanese seasonal ingredients are full of chefs’ senses and ideas with extensive experience in France and Japan.


Tempura Hanagatami

【Location】The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, 5th floor
【Hour】Lunch, 11:30 – 14:30 / Dinner, 17:30 – 21:30
【Price】Lunch, from 5,000 yen per person /
Dinner, from 9500 yen per person

French cuisine “La Baie”

【Location】 The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, 5th floor
【Hour】 Lunch, 11:30 – 14:30 / Dinner, 17:30 – 21:00
【Price】Lunch, from 7,500 yen per person /
Dinner, from 15,000 yen per person

*Held a Michelin Chef Dinner Event on Friday, November 29

Michelin Chef Four Hands Dinner

【Location】 The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, 5th floor
【Date and Time】 November 29, 2019 (Fri)
19:30- (Reception will start from 19:00)
【Price】50,000 yen per person (Includes food and drinks.)