【Unique item】Haniwa Pudding @ Abeno Harukasu Kintetsu【Limited-time】

The “Haniwa pudding” in the ancient cray, Haniwa shaped mug was created to stimulate the registration of the World Cultural Heritage Site in Sakai City, Osaka.

Hurry! Get it now!

Haniwa pudding is usually sold online and shop in Sakai-city, OSAKA. That’s why, Abeno Harukasu Kintetsu department called for a limited time and it will be easier to get to shop in Sakai-city than to buy.
The shop in Abeno Harukasu Kintetsu Department will be March 15 to March 26.

Great pudding!

It’s handcrafted smooth baked pudding. The point of taste is the custard, which is finished twice with normal eggs and smooth by the craftsman. It was mixed with milk and baked slowly at low temperature. Not only looks, but also the taste of smooth pudding makes you smile.

Source: Haniwa purring

There is also limited menu!

Abeno Harukas limited-time stores will offer you the original “Haniwa pudding” and 3 limited menus for this limited store. So you can get 4 kind of pudding! All prices are 650 yen (including tax)

(Left) Original custard Pudding
(Upper middle) Matcha pudding
(Lower middle) Raspberry and white chocolate pudding.
(Right) Crémet d’Anjou pudding. (Crémet d’Anjou means Rare cheese cake )

Good for souvenir!

After you enjoyed the pudding, the mag will be great gift or you can use it variously! like following.

Use it as mag!
Use it as pen holder!
Use it as flower pot!

Shop information

Location: Tower Building B1F at Abeno Harukas Kintetsu
Access: https://abenoharukas.d-kintetsu.co.jp/special/foreign/index.html
Hours: https://abenoharukas.d-kintetsu.co.jp/special/foreign/index.html

Official website of Haniwa Pudding: https://haniwa-purin.com/ (JP only)