【Universal City Walk Osaka】“Pink Cloud”, a specialty store for “# Deco Mori” shakes, will open on March 6.

“Pink Cloud”, a decoration shake specialty store, will open on Friday, March 6, 2020, on the street connecting Universal City Station and the main gate of the park in Universal City Walk Osaka.

Decoration shake

The “Deko Mori (Decoration)” shake is so popular that it can be lined up at burger shops in New York and is becoming the hot topic next drink in the streets. Expectations are rising for a new boom, such as the opening of the “Deko Mori (Decoration)” shake shop in Harajuku, a spot that is at the forefront of teenage trends in Japan.

Based on the concept of “expressing the various feelings of a changing girl with a shake”, a total of five patterns of decoration shakes expressing “feelings” will be sold. For example, “XOXO (Hug & Kiss)” expresses a happy and full feeling surrounded by lovers and friends with “Deko Mori (Decorated so much)” hearts and sweet and sour strawberries. You can also select “Girl Power!”, Which you want to drink when you feel a bit bullish and punk, or “Sunny Vibes!” A wide variety of menu names and looks are also available.

From left: Girl Power !, XOXO (Hug & Kiss), Peace of Mind, Sunny Vibes!, Feeling Blue

About the theme of “Pink Cloud”

Mel’s Drive-In owner Mel’s granddaughter Melanie refurbished and opened a surf shop along the California coast. Melanie, who has no eyes on sweet things, adds a little extra work and a special shake. The restaurant is decorated with a variety of American vintages from the United States collected by bohemian surfers and collector Melanie, giving a relaxed West Coast feel. “At the end of the day, enjoying the surf under the brilliant sun of the West Coast, watch the clouds floating in the sky with the light of the setting sun setting dye pink (Pink Cloud) and enjoy a sweet shake Enjoy ”, a shop with the desire to feel such happiness.


Decoration Shake shop, “Pink Cloud”

【Opening Date】March 6 (Fri), 2020
【Location】Universal City Walk Osaka Street connecting the USJ main gate and Universal City Station
【Hour】Not announced yet
【Address】6-2-61 Shimaya, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi