【Universal Studio Japan】USJ Christmas will change for the first time in 10 years! Don’t miss the world’s best shows and trees!

“Universal Studios Japan” Christmas event “Universal Crystal Christmas” will be held from Thursday, November 14, 2019 to Monday, January 13, 2020. This is the largest park in history and will be renewed for the first time in 10 years.

The world’s best Christmas tree has evolved!

The Christmas tree that represents Universal Studios Japan in winter will be completely new. The magnificent tree over 30m in height that is full of crystal sparkles, Universal Crystal Tree, may be admired by its beauty.

In addition, “Crystal Shining Illumination” will appear on the main street of the park.

The area filled with people who enjoy shopping and events is decorated with exceptional illumination and you can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere. Buildings along the boulevard begin to shine with sunset, creating a special space where you can enjoy unlimited shine wherever you see 360 ​​degrees.

The sparkle of the sparkling crystal will change little by little like a kaleidoscope according to the music, so be sure to pay attention to this.

A special night just for Christmas! “Crystal Promise”

An indispensable part of the Universal Studios Japan Christmas event is a live show at night. The popular “angel’s miracle” was over until last year, and the new live show “Crystal Promise” will start in 2019!

The stage is a beautiful world filled with crystal shine. It will surely impress you with a story full of love. There is also a dedicated area where you can enjoy the contents of the show. There are premier seats and regular seats, which are charged separately, but you can relax with important people.

Have fun with minions at noon!

Speaking of popular characters at Universal Studios Japan, it ’s a minion! Yellowish and mischievous, anyway, a cute minion is a special attraction that attracts a wide range of generations, from adults to children. Of course, even during Christmas events, minions are very active!

The new “Crystal Greeting with Minions” this winter will allow you to enjoy dancing with the Christmas costume minions against the backdrop of the “Crystal Christmas Tree” that sparkles in the sun.

Also, “Minion Park’s Yellow Christmas”, which was popular last year, will also appear this year! You can enjoy the wonderful collaboration between Christmas and Minion Yellow.

Check out limited gourmet and cute goods!

If you go to “Universal Crystal Christmas”, don’t forget to check out limited goods and delicious gourmet food!

The limited gourmet featured is “Soup Risotto -Rice croquette & Minestrone”, which warms your body and soul. Why don’t you share it with important people?

In addition, a very popular minion also appears in limited goods! Please enjoy a Christmas event with a minion dressed in a Christmas costume in your arms.

The advent calendar is recommended for souvenirs. You can spend a countdown to Christmas with memories of “Universal Crystal Christmas”.


Universal Crystal Christmas

【Period】November 14, 2019 (Thursday) to January 13, 2020 (Monday)
【Special viewing area admission ticket】
Crystal Promise Special Appreciation Area Admission Ticket -Premier-
¥ 3,182 (¥ 3,500 including tax) to ¥ 3,455 (¥ 3,800 including tax)
Crystal Promise Special Appreciation Area Admission Ticket -Normal-
¥ 1,455 (¥ 1,600 including tax) to ¥ 1,728 (¥ 1,900 including tax)
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