【Until the end of the week!】Limited to 50 “Sadako Taxis” with “Sadako” pop-up monitors and special videos are now running in Tokyo!

Halloween ended yesterday…but the “Sadako Taxi,” which allows visitors to enjoy the world of the movie “Sadako DX,” is now running in Tokyo until Sunday, November 6, 2022, with a limited run of 50 vehicles.

“Sadako Taxi” that “calls “Sadako” runs in Tokyo only.

Sadako, one of the world’s most popular horror icons, will be jacking up the entire cab for a limited run of 50 cabs in the Tokyo area. The “Sadako Taxis” are equipped with various “horror” tricks that incorporate the world view of “Sadako DX” from before boarding to during the ride.

Special car with Sadako’s reflection in the window

The “Sadako Taxi” can be designated and dispatched through the “S.RIDE” cab app. By “calling Sadako,” you can get into a special cab with Sadako’s reflection in the window.

Sadako pops out from the monitor in the car.

In addition to the trailer for “Sadako DX,” a video exclusive to the cab will be shown inside the car. In addition, there will also be a trick that makes full use of AR. By performing certain actions, Sadako may pop out from the monitor in front of you…

Sadako Taxi” is a collaborative project between News Technology, Kokusai Jidosha, “S.RIDE” and “Sadako DX”.


Sadako Taxi.

【Period】 Monday, October 24 – Sunday, November 6, 2022
【Location】 Tokyo * Limited to 50 units
【How to Ride】 Cars can be assigned at S Ride app.