【Unusual Gift】Handmade event “Creator’s Market” will be held in Osaka.

It may be perfect for people who have visited Japan many times and looking for something unusual gift!

Source: PR Times

What’s the Creators Market?

It’s an event to support creators and offer the place where they can present or sell them. Therefore, creators market attracts many creators and people interested in manufacturing. There are a wide variety of genres to be exhibited, as well as accessories and sundries, clothes, crafts, furniture, art, photographs and illustrations.

Anyone can enjoy!

In addition to holding hands-on experience classes that children can enjoy together, there is a free children’s space and nursing room, and a baby stroller storage service is also available, allowing families to join the Creators Market with confidence.

Where is it held?

It’s held in Creative Center OSAKA and It’s the site of the shipyard and is an art complex space where has been certified as a cultural heritage by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2007.

Source : Creative Center Osaka


【Creators Market in Osaka】

Event Date: April 27 (Sat) / 28 (Sun), 2019
Hour: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Address: Namura Shipbuilding Site
4-1-55 Kitakagaya Suminoe-ward, Osaka city
Access: 30 minutes from Osaka Yotsubashi Subway Line,
(Nishiumeda station to Kitakagaya Station)
15 minutes walk from the station.

Number of booths: About 200 (Total for 2 days)
Admission fee: 500 yen ticket on the day
        Advance ticket is 400 yen (will sell from the end of March)
Two children, under 6 years old free ticket.
Contact: Creators Market Office, info@creatorsmarket.com