【USJ】 Using next generation VR, you can have a realistic hunting experience of Monster Hunter!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn XR WALK”, a collaboration attraction between Universal Studios Japan (hereinafter referred to as “USJ”) and “Monster Hunter”, will open from January 21 (Fri.) to August 28 (Sun.), 2022.

First ever “Monster Hunter” VR attraction at USJ

Universal Cool Japan 2022″ is a limited time event featuring five popular Japanese animation titles. This attraction, which will open before the other titles, is a next-generation VR attraction that allows users to “realistically” experience the world of “Monster Hunter World: Iceborn” while moving their own arms and legs without physical restraints. It is a next-generation VR attraction.

Next-generation VR experience to explore the Monster Hunter world in real life

When you put on the special gear for XR WALK, which features USJ’s unique technology, you will be greeted with a breathtakingly beautiful and magnificent field. With your avatar as your alter ego and your weapon of choice (big sword, sword, hammer, slash-axe, or heavy bow gun), you’ll be ready for adventure.

In the virtual reality synchronized with real-life movements, you can explore the snow and ice field as a hunter, walking around the snowfield, collecting items (materials) and traces, going through caves and sometimes climbing steep cliffs. When confronted with a huge monster, you can feel the powerful roar, the wind pressure, and the impact of the weapon in your hands, and enjoy a new kind of hunter experience never seen before.


Monster Hunter World: Iceborn XR WALK

【Event Period】 Jan 21 (Fri) – Aug. 28 (Sun), 2022 *The period may be extended.
【Eligibility】 10 years of age or older and 147 cm or taller
*Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a chaperone (a mentally and physically healthy person of junior high school age or older who meets the usage criteria) for evacuation in case of emergency. However, the chaperone may not directly support the child during the experience.
【Required Time】 Approx. 60 minutes (Registration: approx. 10 minutes, Preparation: approx. 15 minutes, Experience time: approx. 25 minutes *Wait time may occur separately)
【Price】 MONSTER HUNTER WORLD: ICEBORN XR WALK” experience ticket for adults, children (10 years and older) and seniors: 1,980 yen and up

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