“One Piece Premier Summer”, which is an event representing the summer of “Universal Studio Japan” and lets you experience the world of manga “ONE PIECE” with various contents, began on June 26th.

Popular live entertainment,
“One Piece Premier Show 2019”

The One Piece Premier Show is the first live show in 2007, and is an annual popular live entertainment event since 2010. This time, in conjunction with the new movie “The Movie version ONE PIECE STAMPEDE”, which will be for the first time in three years, Luffy’s “Straw Hat Pirates” and the popular character “Mr. 2 Bon Clay” will be reunited and developed with an original story that will compete.

*Images are in the past.


Not to mention the powerful effects, stunts, projection mapping, etc., as well as the visual effects of the highly reputable cast team and the intense action scenes, as well as the original fan, one-piece beginners can enjoy it. In addition, you can enjoy the high level talk like Osaka, such as smashing the audience in the foreword by the navy. (Unfortunately, it will be in Japanese …)

There are various other contents as well.

Watering Battle “One Piece Water Battle” is a must for waterproofing measures, as it will be surprisingly dimmering with the amount of water powered up than 2018. The restaurant “Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant”, which is entertained by Straw Hat Pirates cook Sanji, is also linked to the movie, and is expected to be sold out each year, so reservations should be made early.



*Charges are required except for the water battle.
(except for the entrance fee)

【Period】June 26 – September 29.
【Location】Universal Studio Japan
【URL】 https://www.usj.co.jp/onepiece/summer2019/