【USJ】The new area visuals and information on the theme area “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” of “Nintendo”, which will be “world first”, has been released!

Universal Studios Japan today unveiled a new visual of the world ’s first spectacular “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” based on Nintendo characters and their worldviews. This area is aimed at opening in front of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

New visual

In the new visual that expresses Nintendo’s popular characters and the world view of the game in a multi-layered structure with multiple structures, Peach Castle and Kuppa Castle, known as icons of the Mario world, and the popular character “Yoshi” Ride attractions are also drawn.

The Mario Kart ride attractions, shops, and restaurants that fans all over the world are waiting for in the area are also featured, using the creativity of Universal Studios and the world’s most advanced technology, which has brought a lot of entertainment to the world. It seems that a unique experience will be delivered to us.


“SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” will be a very theme-filled area where you can actually experience the fun of Nintendo games.

You will be able to experience excitement and excitement as if you were in the game of your favorite Nintendo. Can’t wait for completion!