【Utsubo Park】Utsubo no Honobono Utsuwaichi (Pottery market) will be held on Apr. 27 & 28.

The town Pottery market “Utsubo no Honobono Utsuwaichi” will be held at the order furniture store “TREE-CFURNITURE” near the Utsubo Park.
10 unique crafters and SHOPs gather from all over Kansai for 2 days!

Those who came with Japanese clothing (Kimono) on the day of the event will be provided with benefits such as small items.

Event Information

Utsubo no Honobono Utsuwaichi

【Address】1-14-14 Utubo Honmachi, Nisi-ward, OSAKA
【DATE】April 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun) 2019
【Hour】11:00 – 16:00
【Fee】Admission Free