【Wanna ride?】New activities have appeared in Glamping facility, Maishima

What’s the Gramping Facility?

Glamping is coined word of “Glamor” and “Camping” and “Palm Garden Maishima by WBF” is the facility of that with great view! You can stay but also you can enjoy various activities.

Source : Palm Garden, Maishima

*What’s the difference between camping and glaming?
You don’ have to pitch a tent or build a fire in the letter case and you can enjoy camping with luxurious accommodations and comfortable amenities.

New activity, “Roller Zip”

“Roller Zip” is a coined word of “Roller Coaster” and “zip line” so it’s the zip line like roller coaster.

Source: PR Times

There are 256 meters (Almost 840 ft. ) in total length and 12 meters (about 40 ft.) in height. It’s the longest zip line in Japan. You can go straight through it with bends and bumps! It’s an excellent location with a panoramic view of the bay area, and you will definitely experience a wonderful sunset while watching the beautiful sunset!

Segway Off Road activity!

There is one more activity! It’s “Segway X2 Off Road”. You can enjoy and riding around 30,000 square meters (about 7.4 acres) of site called Sun Plaza. It’s not a mountain trail, but you can enjoy the wonderful scenery and the spacious lawn. You can rest assured that the instructor will teach you how to ride carefully.

Source : PR Times

Enjoy BBQ with beautiful view!

Palm Garden, Maishima is the facility of Glamping but also you can also have day BBQ! Original menu was only one type which cost 4,300 yen. But they renewed and now there are 3 kinds of menu! which is “Standard BBQ course” (2,500 yen), “3 meat & seafood BBQ course” (3,800 yen) and “Grand BBQ course” (4,300 yen).

Source : PR Times


【Facility Info
Palm Garden, Maishima by WBF

Address: 2-3-57 Hokukoryokuchi, Konohana-ward, Osaka-city
    (About 30 min by taxi from Osaka Station)
*There is a regular transfer service for free from Universal city station.
(No need to book.) Time Schedule

Phone: 06-6465-4690 (10 a.m to 6 p.m.)
URL: https://www.hotelwbf.com/palmgarden/ (Japanese Only)

Zip Line: ¥1,200 (including tax)
Hour: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
URL: https://www.hotelwbf.com/palmgarden/rollerzip/index.php
(Japanese Only)
*It will be closed in the case of thunder, heavy rain, heavy fog, strong wind.

Segway off road: ¥3,000 (including tax) / 25 min.
Campaign Price: ¥2,000 (including tax) / 25 min. (Limited-time)
Hour: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Break from 12 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. )
URL: https://www.hotelwbf.com/palmgarden/segway/index.php