【What!?】Classic Nori bento is a miracle 40 yen !!!! for limited one day on the 40th anniversary of Honke Kamadoya.


The head family (Honke) Kamadoya will celebrate its 40th anniversary on November 7, 2019, so the classic “Nori Bento” will be sold for 40 yen for one day only.

Limited to 100 per store, one per person

“Honke Kamadoya,” a nationwide chain of to-go Bento stores, will sell “Nori Bento” (Usually 330 yen) for 40 yen for a limited number of 100 stores. It includes 10% consumption tax and you can buy one per person. There is no delivery only by store sales.

Nori bento is a bento which is used seaweed as a side dish of rice. The products of bento chain stores and convenience stores usually have white fish fries and chikuwa tempura.


There are many stores in Osaka.
If you understand Japanese, please try to find a nearby shop from this link.
Most stores are open at 10:00.