【What a Cute!】 Kirby Wearable Fan” is now in the claw machine!

The Kirby Wearable Fan will be available in late July 2022 as an exclusive Claw machine giveaway.

Kirby in hovering form is adorable.

Hanging around the neck by a string, this small electric fan is very useful when going out, watching sports, outdoors, or at festivals.
The main body is a die-cut shape of Kirby in hovering form, expressing his round and adorable figure. The refreshing mint green-colored neck cord has a safety part, so even children can use it safely.
It can be placed on a desk, is USB rechargeable, and has three adjustable airflow levels.


Kirby Wearable Fan

【Release Date】 Late July 2022
【Type】 Total 1 type
【Sizing】 H approx. 9.5cm W approx. 11.5cm
Not for sale due to Claw Machine exclusive giveaway
【Official Website】https://www.sk-japan.co.jp/charatoru/chara/kirby/amgoods-18590
【Store】 https://www.taito.co.jp/prize/0474133810