【What to eat in Japan】 Komeda’s coffee has introduced a seasonal drink, JELYCO Tiramisu.


Komeda’s coffee shop has introduced a seasonal drink called “JELYCO Tiramisu,” which will be available at Komeda coffee shops nationwide from June 22, 2022 (Wednesday) until mid-September.

JELYCO’s New “Tiramisu” Flavor

JELYCO” is a dessert drink based on Komeda Coffee Shop’s original iced coffee with coffee jelly prepared in the store. The company has developed a variety of flavors to date, and will release a new “JELYCO Tiramisu,” the tenth in the series.

As the name suggests, the new “JELYCO Tiramisu” drink is like “drinking tiramisu. It is made with homemade coffee jelly, espresso sauce, and cheese drink, and topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

The rich aroma of the espresso sauce, the bitterness of the coffee jelly, the mild richness of the whipped cream, and the refreshing acidity of the cheese drink all blend together in the mouth, giving the drink a rich tiramisu-like flavor.


JELYCO Tiramisu: 640 yen to 880 yen

【Sales Period】 June 22 (Wed), 2022 to mid-September (tentative)
【Store】 Komeda Coffee Stores Nationwide
*Sales are available at all stores except some stores.
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