【What to eat in Osaka?】 InterContinental Hotel Osaka is currently holding a sweets buffet “BOTANICAL PEACH SUMMER”!


InterContinental Hotel Osaka will hold a sweets buffet “Botanical Peach Summer” from June 24 (Fri.) to September 25 (Sun.), 2022, at “NOKA Roast & Grill” on the 20th floor, limited to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. NOKA Roast & Grill” on the 20th floor.

Summer Peach Buffet” Peach Cake & Macarons

The “Botanical Peach Summer” is a sweets buffet featuring juicy peaches. The buffet table, which has been created to resemble a botanical garden, is lined with sweets such as roll cakes with a refreshing peach and lavender aroma and macaroons made with fruity elder flowers.

“Botanical Peach Summer” 5,500 yen for adults

The lineup also includes a parfait with the irresistible combination of sweet peaches, sour cream & thyme, and “Peach Anise Compote with Acerola Joule”. Also check out the food menu, including the herb-accented “Peach Quiche with Fennel and Rosemary Chicken.

Afternoon tea featuring peaches

In addition, “Peach Afternoon Tea” will be held at Lounge Three Sixty (3-60) on the 20th floor from Friday, July 1 to Friday, September 30. This summer-only lineup features not only tarts, mousses, and scones, but also savory items made with peaches.

Peach Afternoon Tea 5,500 yen per person (excluding service charge)

Petal Peach Tart & Chocolate Cake

The first floor “Patisserie Stressed” also offers limited-edition peach sweets. The “Domestic Peach Tart” is made with a crispy tart crust and layers of peaches, the “Peach and Raspberry Opera” is sweet and sour, and the “Dried Peach and Banana Crumble Chocolate Cake” is a must-try.

Domestic peach tart 820 yen / Peach and raspberry opera 720 yen / Dried peach and banana crumble chocolate cake 720 yen / Peach and white chocolate bagel 400 yen, etc.


■ Sweets Buffet “Botanical Peach Summer”
【Period】 June 24 (Fri.) – September 25 (Sun.), 2022 *Only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays; daily from August 11 (Thu., holiday) to 16 (Tue.)
【Hour】 15:00-16:30/15:15-16:45/15:30-17:00 *90 min each part.
【Location】 Noca Roast & Grill, InterContinental Hotel Osaka, 20th floor
【Address】 3-60 Ohfuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Price】 Adults 5,500 yen *including coffee and tea, service charge not included.
【Reservation】 Online or Phone, 06-6374-5700

■ Peach Afternoon Tea
【Period】 July 1 (Fri) – September 30 (Fri), 2022
Part 1: 11:30-13:30 or 12:00-14:00
Part 2: 14:00-16:00 or 14:30-16:30
Part 3: 16:30-18:30 *Each part lasts 120 minutes.
【Location】 20th Floor “Lounge Three Sixty
【Price】 5,500 yen per person *including coffee and tea, excluding service charge.
【Reservation】 Online or Phone, 06-6374-5700

■ Peach Sweets
【Period】 July 1 (Fri) – August 31 (Wed), 2022
【Hour】 11:00 – 19:00(L.O. 18:00)
【Location】 1st floor “Patisserie Stress”
・Japanese peach tart 820 yen
・Peach and Raspberry Opera 720 yen
・Dried Peach and Banana Crumble Chocolate Cake 720 yen
・Peach and White Chocolate Bagel 400 yen