【Whitey Umeda】Save your trip record here! by May 6.

Umeda dungeon savepoints will appear in the “Whitey Umeda” underground town of Osaka Umeda.

What’s Umeda dungeon!?

Osaka, Umeda underground is very complicated because there are several stations. That’s why the underground of Umeda came to be called a dungeon, and it was nicknamed “Umeda dungeon”. Such an underground town “Square of Fountain (Izumi no Hiroba)” has been used as a meeting place for half a century.

Save your trip record!

The removal of the fountain is decided, and the “Goodbye Square of Fountain ” event will be held from April 5 to May 6. And at that event, “Umeda dungeon save points” will be realized. Considering the “open space” as a save point, project blue lights on the fountain to create an RPG taste. In addition to a photo spot panel where you can become a hero and shoot in front of a frame that looks like a save screen of the game, a recovery item lottery will also be held on April 13 and 14.

Let’s save your trip record and memory here! if you can reach there…