【Worldwide】Mita Seimenjo has released a video showing how to make frozen Tsukemen, flavored eggs, and chashu with the theme of “something you can do at home”!


Tsukemen Specialty Store Mita Seimenjo has started posting videos on its official Youtube channel.

These days, there are many people who can’t go out to eat because they are asked to refrain from going out, and they feel that their dietary habits have become stale, so under the theme of “what you can do at home,” professionals present videos of useful ramen and tsukemen cooking techniques at home.

Published title

A technique to make frozen tsukemen 10 times more delicious at home!


A technique for making flavored balls at home!


It’s easy to make professional grade chashu at home!


I’ll be sharing a buzz recipe for ramen pasta that is super easy to make!