【Worldwide】Mobile Kongoji Temple, a temple in a smart phone, was born!!

Kongoji, a religious corporation, has launched the “Mobile Kongoji” app and site for the temple in your smartphone, “Don’t lose to Corona! They’ve been updating our support messages daily since Sunday, April 12.

Don’t let Corona (Covid-19) beat you!

“Don’t let Corona beat you! Messages of support are now being distributed on “Today’s Things”, a daily content that is based on the image of a temple’s bulletin board. They would like to cheer up many people who are suffering from the effects of the new coronavirus, even if only a little, with the temple’s unique message of encouragement, so they have been sending out a series of messages of encouragement from Sunday, April 12, using the nine letters of “Don’t be defeated by the corona.

The temple in your smart phone “Happiness Navi Mobile Kongoji“.

Happiness Navi Mobile Kongoji

Happiness Navi Mobile Kongoji” is a temple in your smart phone that you can carry around anytime and casually immerse yourself in the teachings of Buddhism.

In addition to “Today’s KOTONOHA (Word),” they also offer a variety of other contents, including “Kokoro no Ikko,” a daily reading of a Dharma story, a column by a monk certified as a life expectancy advisor, “Thinking about life expectancy with a Buddhist priest,” “Oya no Kimochi, Kono no Kimochi,” which discusses parenting and the relationship between parents and children, and “Healing Comics,” which introduces heartwarming episodes through comics.

We’ll deliver it every day.

“Don’t let Corona beat you! The “word of the day” is a word that uplifts us regardless of our religion, so we will translate it here every day!

April 20

Let each of us continue to do what we can.



Application download URL for “Mobile Kongoji”.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.kongoji.mobile.mobilekongoji
iOS  : https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1502945720?mt=8&l=ja&ls=1&ct=pr