A beautiful restaurant and hotel that will take your word for it! This is a must visit!

This month, WINDY FARM ATMOSPHERE, a complex of restaurants and hotels with a panoramic view of the ocean, opened in Izumo, Shimane.

Complex with restaurants and hotels

“Windy Farm Atmosphere” is a complex facility that will open as a “regional revitalization project starting with food” on the west coast of Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. The facility includes a large restaurant with 185 seats, a cliffside hotel with only eight rooms, and a parking area selling hamburgers and ice cream.

A large restaurant that specializes in Shimane ingredients

There are local dishes such as the “Shimane Wagyu Beef Wood Fire Grill,” which is characterized by its soft texture and concentrated umami, and the “Kadaya Tomato Caprese,” which features tomatoes grown in a special film that allows only water and necessary nutrients to pass through. ・You can taste dishes using Shimane ingredients.

Easy parking area

Don’t miss the parking area “Izumo Koryo Parking Area” where there are many shops such as burger shops, coffee shops, kitchen car ramen shops, and souvenir shops. There is a food menu that you can casually enjoy, such as the “Shimane Wagyu Beef Hamburger” offered in a take-out style and the limited ice cream “Izumo Tosuien Matcha” that can only be eaten in Izumo.

There is also a hotel in the cliff

In addition, the hotel “IZUMO HOTEL THE CLIFF” located in the cliff will be added. There are only 8 guest rooms, all of which face the seaside, and you can enjoy the sunset over the Sea of Japan from the terrace with jacuzzi. Guests can enjoy a sumptuous Japanese breakfast made with ingredients harvested from the nature of Shimane.



【Opening Date】 May 1, 2023 (Monday)
【Address】 1870 Hisamura, Takicho, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture (restaurant & cafe/resort hotel), 5-1 Oike, Koryocho, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture (parking area complex)
【Official Website】 https://www.windyfarm.jp/