A “Skin Color Mask” that brightens your complexion is a MUST BUY!

Masks have become a common practice. Have you heard of the Skin Color masks that have been buzzing on social media lately?

Just wearing a mask can inevitably make you look pale, but this Skin Color mask does away with that! It brightens up your complexion!

15 colors in total

What a surprise! These masks come in a total of 15 colors, not only colors to brighten up your complexion, but also cool colors for men. And at 478 yen for 51 sheets, including shipping, it’s highly cost-effective!

The same color version is also available, including ear strings. This one is 580 yen, including shipping.


CICIBELLA Skin Color Mask

【Price】 478 yen (tax & shipping fee included) / 580 yen (tax & shipping fee included)
【Store】 CICIBELLA (Rakuten)