A bunch of new stores are opening in LUCUA Osaka!

LUCUA Osaka, a commercial facility in Umeda, Osaka, consisting of LUCUA in the east wing and LUCUA 1100 in the west wing, will open 20 new stores in succession from Friday, August 27, 2021.

Opening of 20 new stores in LUCUA Osaka

This time, a total of 20 new stores of various genres such as fashion, cosmetics, and gourmet will be opened in LUCUA Osaka.

[Fashion] Accessory stores opening for the first time in Western Japan, etc.

In the fashion category, TEN. will open its first store in western Japan, offering trendy accessories with unique designs, and KIMONO YAMATO, which proposes a new way to enjoy kimono according to the times while inheriting the traditions and techniques of kimono culture, will also appear. CELFORD, which offers elegant women’s wear, denim brand Lee, and American work boot brand RED WING, which continues to focus on “Made in the USA,” will also open stores.

[Cosmetics] Ana Sui, etc. with nail spots

The cosmetics lineup includes ANNA SUI’s first permanent nail spot store where you can freely enjoy nail colors, Olive Young PB Cosmetics, a private brand of the popular Korean health and beauty store Olive Young, and SABON, a natural cosmetics brand from Israel. The lineup includes Olive Young P.B. Cosmetics, a private brand of the popular Korean health and beauty store Olive Young, and Sabon, a natural cosmetic brand from Israel.

Shuri Soap, a skin care brand that offers colorful soaps incorporating Okinawan plants and fruits, and Medura, which proposes hair care tailored to each individual, will also open their stores.

[Gourmet] ISHIN-Gura, the first baked sweet potato specialty store in Umeda

In terms of gourmet food, the first Umeda branch of the “baked sweet potato specialty store ISHIN-GURA” will be opened at LUCUA Osaka, where you can enjoy sweet potato sweets and coffee that goes well with sweet potatoes, as well as the “Grosa Organic” store that sells organic vegetables and fruits.

[Lifestyle] Finnish tableware, such as Iittala.

In addition, Iittala, a stylish table and livingware brand from Finland, and Konoka, a green store based on the concept of “healing,” will also open.



【Address】 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6151-1111

[Open on August 27, 2021 (Friday)]
Grocer Organic, Konoka, Shuri Soap, Daylily, Ten (first store in western Japan), Red Wing, Olive Young, Peavey Cosmetics, Clone, Occupy Here I Am, Tina: Jojun (first store in western Japan), Lee

[Open after September 2021]
September 3 (Fri.): Baked Potato specialty store Ishin-Gura, A Plus Tokyo (West Japan’s first store)
September 8 (Wed): Celford
September 9 (Thu): Sobashiki, stone-ground Nihachi soba
Mid-September: Savon, Anna Sui
September 23 (Thu): Medulla
Late September: Kimono Yamato
Autumn 2021: iittala