A hot cafe with talented pastry chefs has opened in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka!

Last week, On Saturday, March 13, 2021, the patisserie and cafe “hannoc” opened in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka! It’s a new café with a glass-walled open kitchen that has as many “points of contact” as possible between the people who make and eat the food, the sellers and buyers!

Patisserie and cafe with talented patissiers!

hannoc,” which will open in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka, is the first cafe in Kansai to offer freshly baked gaufrettes, fresh cakes, and drinks. The five patissiers who make up the opening team are all in their twenties, and all have experience at top hotels and famous patisseries.

Three products with a rich taste.

The “Fresh Gaufrettes – kogane – 6pcs” (2,250 yen, excluding tax) is made with a mixture of French fermented butter and wasabi sugar, giving it a rich milk flavor. In addition, vanilla bean and condensed milk add depth to the flavor. The outside is crispy, but the texture is soft and chewy.

The Nakazaki Butter Sandwiches -roku- (plain, green tea) (2 types, 6 pieces, 2,550 yen, each without tax) are butter sandwiches made with only high-quality fermented butter imported from Normandy, France. It is characterized by the richness and creaminess of milk. You can feel the richness of the butter, but it is also refreshing.

The “rich terrine -homare-” (cacao 3,200 yen / cheese 3,000 yen, each without tax) uses carefully selected ingredients such as sugar from Amami Oshima, fresh cream from Hokkaido, and butter. The chocolat terrine has a fruity aroma and a bitter, mature taste. The cheese terrine has a creamy and mellow texture with a fresh aroma and refreshing acidity.

There will also be takeout cakes, gift sets, eat-in-only drinks, and seasonal parfaits.



【Address】 Naniwa Building West Wing 1F, 4-12 Banzai-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Hour】 11:00 – 19:00