A limited cafe for the Disney movie “Cinderella” will open today for a limited time!

The cafe of Disney’s masterpiece animated movie “Cinderella” will open in Osaka from February 23, 2022 (Wednesday), and in Tokyo and Nagoya from March 4 (Friday) for a limited time.

Limited cafe of Disney movie “Cinderella”

OH MY CAFE, a special cafe where you can experience the world of Disney Princess’s masterpiece “Cinderella”, is now available. With “Ball” as the theme, we will develop elegant and elegant menus and original goods that are reminiscent of the story of “Cinderella”.

Menu of “glass shoes” and “clock showing 12 o’clock” image

The food menu includes “Glass Shoe Pancake”, which is the image of Cinderella dropping glass shoes, milk and vegetable soup inspired by the clock that shows 12 o’clock, and the magic of “Fairy God Mother”. We have prepared vermicelli salad that expresses the above, and risotto with a pumpkin carriage motif.

“Shining magic dress” -inspired soda

Drinks include muscat-flavored soda, which is inspired by a shining magical dress, and hot tea in a mug of the magical word “Bibdi-Babidi-Boo.”

Original goods such as stickers and key chains

The original goods are “picture book style” depicting the characters that appear in “Cinderella” such as “Cinderella”, “Prince Charming”, and “Jack & Gas” (main visual series), and the scene that symbolizes the story is dropped. (Famous scene series) is available.

(Main visual series) sells stickers and eco-bags, and (famous scene series) sells acrylic key chains and masking tape.


“Disney Cinderella” OH MY CAFE

【Event Period】 Feb. 23 (Wed, Holiday) – Apr. 17 (Sun), 2022
【Address】 1-6-1 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 2nd floor
【Official Web Site】 https://www.ohmycafe.jp/
【Reservation】 https://inthecastle.ohmycafe.jp/

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