A limited edition “Marvel cafe” will open in Osaka for a limited time!


A special cafe featuring “Marvel” heroes will be held at UMEDA BOX cafe&space in Umeda, Osaka, from September 16 (Thu) to October 17 (Sun), 2021.

A special cafe where you can enjoy the world of “Marvel”.

“At the “Marvel” Cafe, the concept is “Power, courage, talent, justice, friends… find your hidden power! With the concept of “Power, Courage, Talent, Justice, Friends… Find your hidden power!”, the Marvel Cafe offers a menu that incorporates the world of the Marvel heroes.

Inside the restaurant, there will be realistically reproduced figures of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America. There will also be a photo spot for the movie “Black Widow,” which is scheduled to be released in April 2021, so you can enjoy taking pictures with the “Marvel” heroes.

“MARVEL” energizing paprikash, 1,759 yen

Sandwiches that recreate the menu from the play, etc.

The “Chicken Sandwich” is based on the menu item that Peter Parker always orders at his favorite restaurant in Spider-Man, and the “Paprikash” is a re-creation of the chicken and paprika stew that Vision used to make in Civil War: Captain America.

There is also a “Neapolitan” with an eye-catching icon of “Captain America,” a “Squid Ink Gratin” with the image of “Black Widow,” and a bagel sandwich that represents the doughnut that Tony Stark was eating under the setting sun in “Iron Man.

There are also a variety of drinks available, such as “Captain America” Ramune Soda, a highly carbonated drink with cherry accents, “Iron Man” Cherry Soda with a lemony aftertaste, and iced tea with a logo bottle and charm.

Original cafe goods are also available.

Original goods from the cafe will also be sold at the venue. Acrylic key chains, clear files, tote bags, postcards, and other goods that fans will not be able to resist.


「MARVEL」cafe produced by OH MY CAFE

【Period】 Sep 16 (Thu) – Oct 17 (Sun), 2021
【Place】 UMEDA BOX cafe&space
【Address】 Umeda Loft 1F, 16-7 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Reservation】 OH MY CAFE Official Web Site