A limited time cafe based on the Disney movie Zootopia will open!


Limited time cafes based on the Disney movie “Zootopia” will open in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. The period is from April 23 (Fri.) to June 27 (Sun.), 2021 at Oh My Cafe Tokyo, from April 28 (Wed.) to July 6 (Tue.) at Oh My Cafe Osaka, and from June 2 (Wed.) to July 13 (Tue.) at Kawara Cafe & Kitchen Nagoya Parco.

Limited Time Cafe for Disney’s “Zootopia”

The movie “Zootopia” is a Disney animated film about a rabbit girl, Judy Hopps, who struggles to make her dreams come true in “Zootopia,” a world where animals have built a highly civilized society. It is a popular film that won the 89th Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

This time, a limited time café was launched to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the release of the Disney movie “Zootopia”. The café menu features popular characters from “Zootopia” such as Judy Hopps, a rabbit policewoman, and Nick Wilde, a fox con artist.

Finnick’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Salsa Burger 2,629 yen

Food menu featuring Nick and Judy

The “Nick: The Vegetable Curry That Could Be Anyone, Anything” is based on Nick Wilde, who would later become the fox’s first policeman. The rice is shaped like Nick’s face and is served with vegetable curry. The set also includes a sticker that looks like the police badge Nick wears on his chest in the movie, so fans should pay attention.

“Nick” Vegetable curry that could be anything anyone wants it to be 2,079 yen

Judy Hopps was the inspiration for the “Judy” Hometown Vegetables! sandwich plate”. The sandwich features a motif of Judy’s favorite carrot pen, and is garnished with vegetables and fruits that look like they were picked in Judy’s birthplace, Bunnyburrow. Carrot soup is also included in the set, making this a carrot-filled plate.

“Judy” Full of vegetables from my hometown! Sandwich plate 2,189 yen

The Drink That Inspired “Claw Hauser”

The drink is a chocolate cereal flavored milk tea called “Clawhauser Chocolate Flavored Tea”. It was inspired by the chocolate cereal that Cheetah Clawhauser, the receptionist at the Zootopia police station, always eats. The set includes a flavoured tea bag and milk.

Clawhauser” Chocolate Flavored Tea 1,089 yen
with mug: +1,760 yen, tea bag box: +1,320 yen

Original goods from the cafe.

In addition to the café menu, the café’s original goods are also noteworthy. In addition to masking tapes and acrylic key chains featuring famous scenes from the movie, there will also be mini memo sets and mini towels featuring the “little animals” from the movie in pastel colors.

The Osaka venue, Oh My Cafe Osaka, will have its grand opening on April 28 (Wed.), the first day of the “Zootopia” special cafe.


“Zootopia” OH MY CAFE

【Period】 Apr 28 (Wed) – Jul 6 (Tue), 2021
【Address】 1-6-1 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Reservation】 https://zoo.ohmycafe.jp/