A must-buy for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon fans! Items that are sure to make you happy and cute are on sale!

From Maison de FLEUR, items in collaboration with the movie version of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” are now available. It will be on sale at Maison de Fleur nationwide from March 17, 2023 (Friday).

Maison de FLEUR x Theatrical version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos”

The collaboration item of Maison de Fleur x theatrical version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” is characterized by reproducing the image color of each sailor warrior using ribbons and bijou that symbolize the brand. From bags to accessories, there is a rich lineup that you want to use together.

Movie version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” Ribbon Barrette All 11 types 3,700 yen each

Double ribbon tote bag

Maison de Fleur’s classic double ribbon tote bag has the image colors of Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Starlights warriors on the large side ribbons. It is also a point that the motif of the work, including Eternal Sailor Moon, is reproduced with gold leaf on the navy-based body. The lineup includes four types: Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer.

Theatrical version “Sailor Moon Cosmos” Double Ribbon Tote Bag All 4 types 6,900 yen each

Clasp pouch

The “gamaguchi (Clasp) specification” pouch with a large ribbon is also dressed up in the image color of each warrior. In addition to its cute appearance, it is also attractive to have a functional design such as a high storage capacity with a gusset and pockets on the inside. The lineup consists of 5 types: Eternal Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Uranus, Eternal Sailor Neptune, Eternal Sailor Pluto, and Eternal Sailor Saturn.

Theatrical version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” ribbon pouch All 5 types 4,700 yen each

Barrettes and charms

In addition, accessories such as “ribbon-shaped” barrette and charms with the image colors of sailor warriors and bear charms are also available. In particular, the bear charm has a special design with the embroidered “guardian star mark” of each warrior on the sole and the brand mark “F”.

Right) Theatrical version “Sailor Moon Cosmos” bear charm 13 types in total 3,500 yen each / complete set 44,999 yen


Maison de Fleur x Theatrical version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos”

【Release Date】 Friday, March 17, 2023
【Store】 Maison de Fleur stores nationwide * Excluding outlets, own EC site “STRIPE CLUB”, Premium Bandai
*Premium Bandai is a pre-order. (Reservations will be accepted from March 17 (Friday) 13:00 to March 31 (Friday) 23:00. Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from April 2023.)

【】*If the number of preparations is reached, sales may end.
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
【Official Website】 https://stripe-club.com/maisondefleur/