A new restaurant specializing in rice with condiments has opened at Hankyu Umeda!


Kayaku Gohan (Mixed rice) specialty store “Fragrant Ya” opened on March 17, 2021 (Wed.) in the food section of the first basement floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store in Osaka.

“Full of ingredients!” Mixed Rice Specialty Store “KAORIYA”

Fragrant Rice” is a specialty restaurant that serves rice with various ingredients, including seasonal ingredients, cooked to perfection. The store offers a wide variety of kayaku-gohan, as well as onigiri (rice balls) and bento (boxed meals).

There are two types of standard kayaku rice: “Chicken and Gomokumixture of ingredients” and “Wagyu Beef and Gobo. The rice is cooked in a white broth made from a combination of katsuo (bonito), saba (mackerel), ago (sea eel), urume (sea urchin), meji-ka (sea bream), and Rausu kombu (kelp). The flavor of each ingredient and the gentle aroma and taste of the white broth are irresistible.

In addition, there are also premium kayaku rice balls with uni (sea urchin) and scallops, as well as the seasonal specials of bamboo shoots and Japanese pepper and sea bream with sake lees. The rice balls are full of ingredients and are recommended as a more casual and enjoyable dish.


Kayaku-Gohan (Mixed rice) Specialty Store, “KAORIYA”

【Opening Date】 Mar 17 (Wed), 2021
【Place】 Hankyu Umeda Main Store, Osaka, Japan, B1F Food Sales Area
【Address】 8-7, Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka