A pizza with disposable chopsticks! Have you tried it yet? Six times the usual toppings: the “Hidden Domino’s Covered Series”


Domino’s Pizza has introduced a new “Hidden Domino’s covered series” with six times more toppings than usual. The “Ura Domino’s Mamire Series” (Hidden Domino’s Covered Series) is a set of eight pizzas that come with original chopsticks with the Domino’s Pizza logo so that you can eat the ingredients that spill out of the pizza.

Ura Domino (Hidden Domino Menu)

Ura Domino’s is Domino’s Pizza’s behind-the-scenes menu project that turns the conventional wisdom of pizza on its head and customizes standard menu items to make them more delicious. In the past, Domino’s fans have been excited by the “Cheeseburger Pizza” and “Lump of Desire Quattro”, and each time they have been released, they have attracted a lot of attention.

 This is the fourth such “Ura Domino’s” product. This is the fourth such “Ura Domino’s” product, a pizza with an unbelievable amount of toppings that was developed in response to comments on social media that people wanted to try the popular toppings to their heart’s content.


The “Bacon covered”, “Pancetta covered”, and “Coarse ground sausage covered” are available in M size 3000 yen, R size 3599 yen, and L size 4200 yen, and the “Italian sausage covered” is available in M size M size: 2,600 yen, R size: 3,199 yen, L size: 3,800 yen.

 The “corn covered” and “garlic covered” using the top two most popular vegetables, corn and garlic, are available in M size 2300 yen, R size 2899 yen, and L size 3500 yen.

 There are also two types of quattros that combine them. The “4 kinds of meat covered quattro (M size 3,000 yen, R size 3,599 yen, L size 4,200 yen)” is a combination of “bacon covered,” “Italian sausage covered,” “coarsely ground sausage covered,” and “pancetta covered” pizza for meat lovers.

The “Meat and Vegetable Quattro (M size 3000 yen, R size 3599 yen, L size 4200 yen)” is a combination of “corn covered,” “pancetta covered,” “garlic covered” and “bacon covered” pizzas for those who want to eat both meat and vegetables.

All of the pizzas are loaded with so many ingredients that they spill over, but they come with special chopsticks so you can eat them without worrying about spilling. It is truly a pizza for Japan! It’s just like a Japanese pizza!


Domino’s Hidden Menu, Covered Series

【Sales Period】 Nov 15 – Dec. 12, 2021
【Store】 https://www.dominos.jp/topics/uradomino 
*If you go to the store to buy it, it’s half off!