A popular roasted sweet potato shop in Nakazakicho, Osaka has opened in Eki Marché Shin-Osaka!

At the station Naka commercial facility “Eki Marché Shin-Osaka” on the 3rd floor of JR Shin-Osaka Station, the grilled potato shop “Mikkoya” in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka launched a new brand “Mikkoya SUNAJI” on February 22. It opened on Sunday (Tuesday).

The products we handle are roasted sweet potatoes and tarts.

“Yakiimo” (Baked Potato), which is also a signboard product of Mikkoya, is particular about making soil, and there are several types carefully selected for each season. From old-fashioned hot potatoes to sweet and sweet potatoes. In addition, the tart “Tart Kintoki”, which was born only because it is a roasted sweet potato shop, is also available for the first time! I definitely want to try the potato tart that is handmade by craftsmen one by one and can only be found here!


Mikkoya SUNAJI

【Opening Date】 Feb. 22 (Tue), 2022
【Hour】 9:00 – 21:30 *Subject to change at the request of the local government
【Place】 Eki Marché Shin-Osaka

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