A “Rapunzel on the Tower” themed cafe will be open for a limited time!


Rapunzel on the Tower” OH MY CAFE, a special cafe based on Disney’s classic animated film “Rapunzel on the Tower”, will open in Tokyo from July 30 (Fri), in Osaka from August 4 (Wed), and in Nagoya from August 12 (Thu), for a limited time only.

Disney animated film “Rapunzel on the Tower” OH MY CAFE

Disney’s animated film “Rapunzel on the Tower” is the 50th memorable Disney feature animation film, and a popular film released in Japan in 2011. The main character of the story, Rapunzel, with her beautiful hair, is one of the most popular Disney princesses.

The theme of the “Rapunzel on the Tower” OH MY CAFE is “inside the tower” where Rapunzel spent 18 years. In addition to the fantastic café menu inspired by Rapunzel’s long hair and costume, and the lantern she saw on her birthday, original goods will also be available.

A food menu full of the world of the movie

The sandwich is made with bright yellow bread and edible flowers to resemble Rapunzel’s beautiful braided hair. “The sandwich is served with purple soup, reminiscent of Rapunzel’s dress.

The rice omelet was inspired by the “magic flowers” that bloom in the wild. There will also be a curry rice dish with a boat-shaped rice plate with the two characters on it, inspired by the scene of “Flynn Rider” and “Rapunzel” falling in love while gazing at the mysterious “lamplight”.

And his best friend, “Pascal”! Sweets & Drink Menu

For sweets, I recommend the granola bowl with the chameleon Pascal, Rapunzel’s only great friend. Other beverages include rosewater inspired by Rapunzel’s dress, and a yogurt latte inspired by the chocolate cookies that Rapunzel used to bake in the tower.

Original goods from the cafe come in two designs.

The original goods of the cafe will be available in two patterns: the “in the tower” series, which uses the picture that Rapunzel drew on the wall in the movie, and the “Rapunzel” series, which depicts Rapunzel enjoying her various hobbies. A variety of stationery, miscellaneous goods, and fashion goods will be available.


Rapunzel on the Tower” OH MY CAFE

【Period】 Aug 4 (Wed) – Oct 3 (Sun), 2021
【Address】 2F, 1-6-1 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Official Website & Reservation】 https://www.ohmycafe.jp/