A souvenir that can be taken home by that girl who is too cute! Let’s go to Nagoya now!

Nagoya’s “chick-shaped sweets” “Piyorin” has collaborated with the mold-less Baum specialty store “Katanukiya”. “Piyorin Katanuki Baum (Piyorin Molded Baum)” will be on sale from April 5, 2023 (Wed) at JR Nagoya Station Gift Kiosk Nagoya.

“Piyorin” Baumkuchen that can be “cut out”

A collaboration between the chick-shaped sweets “Piyorin”, which is attracting attention as a new Nagoya specialty, and the “Katanukiya” baumkuchen, which you can eat while “cutting the mold”.

The “Piyorin Katanuki Baum (Piyorin Molded Baum)” has a cut line that surrounds the “Piyorin”, and by gently removing the surrounding fabric, you can “cut” the charming silhouette of the “Piyorin”.

The flavor is “Plain Flavor” with the sweetness of eggs and the soft scent of almonds. In addition to single item sales, 3-piece sets that are perfect for gifts and souvenirs are also lined up in the store.

Piyorin Molded Baum Plain 3 piece set 1,782 yen


Piyorin Molded Baum

【Release Date】 April 5, 2023 (Wednesday) 10:00-
【Store】 JR Nagoya Station Gift Kiosk Nagoya (1-1-4 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)
*April 12 (Wednesday) ~ JR Nagoya Station Grand Kiosk Nagoya will also be on sale
【Item & Price】
・Piyorin Katanuki Baumkuchen (Plain) 594 yen
・Piyorin Katanuki Baum Plain 3 piece set 1,782 yen
【Piyorin Official Website】 https://piyorin.com/
【KATANUKIYA Official Website】 https://www.katanuki-ya.com/archives/4696