A strawberry fair using the brand-name strawberry “Asuka Ruby” will start tomorrow at Cafe & Books Bibliotheque!


From Monday, December 27, 2021, Café & Books Bibliotheque will offer a variety of strawberry sweets at all of its stores. From Monday, December 27, 2021, a variety of strawberry sweets will be offered at all Bibliotheque stores.

Cafe & Books Bibliotheque, Strawberry & Spice Limited Edition Sweets

Buttercream and shortcake-style pancakes, twice the flavor in one dish

Among the many items on the menu, the “Asuka Ruby Two Types of Pancakes: Fermented Strawberry Butter Cream Pancakes and Shortcake Pancakes” is the most noteworthy, offering two types of pancakes: butter cream pancakes and shortcake style pancakes. The synergistic effect of fresh “Asuka Ruby” fruit directly shipped from the production area, sweet and sour sauce, and fragrant cinnamon will give you a higher grade of taste.

Two types of “Asuka Ruby” pancakes: fermented strawberry butter cream pancakes and shortcake pancakes” 1,705 yen

Shortcake with a hint of cinnamon

The “Asuka Ruby Strawberry Shortcake with Fresh Cream”, a shortcake with light and fluffy fresh cream as the main ingredient, is another recommended menu item where you can simply enjoy the charm of strawberries. The “Asuka Ruby” confiture and crispy cinnamon tuiles tucked into the cake provide a variety of flavors.

Asuka Ruby” strawberry shortcake with fresh cream: 935 yen

A sweet plate with three kinds of spices and a rich chocolatey terrine.

In addition to the above, the “Asuka Ruby Strawberry Extravagant Dessert Plate” is a luxurious dessert plate with shortcakes, tarts, and mini parfaits, each with a different spice. The “Asuka Ruby” Strawberry Extravaganza Dessert Plate” is a luxurious dessert plate with different spices used in each dish.

Rich chocolatey terrine with “Asuka Ruby” strawberry sauce: 880 yen


Cafe & Books Bibliotheque Strawberry Fair: “Asuka Ruby” Strawberries and (Pan)Cake.

【Sales Period】 Start From Dec. 27 (Mon) –
【Store】 All Café & Books Bibliotheque stores
【Store in Osaka】 Cafe&books bibliotheque Umeda
【Address】 E~ma B1F Umeda1-12-6, Osaka Kita-ku, Osaka